Hard Body Hang

HBH was established by both of us: Szabolcs Csepregi and Tamás Erdélyi. We created HBH workshop in 2011 with the aim to help people who wish to do own body weight training outdoors and indoors with equipment designed by us. We are convinced that community building and recreational functions of city parks will prevail if they are furnished properly.

We consulted professional street workout athletes, when shaping our sports and street workout equipment in order to best meet the needs of people doing street workout, calisthenic or body weight trainings.  

With our multiple award winning products, exercises can be done using your own body weight, thus developing physical and mental endurance.

playground for all

The products of HBH are manufactured with a special production method of steel sintered for outdoor use. Combining the basic elements as you like, complex systems, so called Parks, can be assembled.


The Parks that can be assembled by your own choice from the basic elements offer multiple solutions for your own bodyweight training outdoors. The Parks assembled by us are only recommendations; only your own imagination may limit building individual systems.


The Cube is one of our most complex developments; 2014 it won the special prize of the Hungarian Design Council. The rigid structure adapts flexibly to the needs of sports clubs and fitness centres: due to its stability, it need not be fixed, so it can easily be moved between outdoor and indoor spaces according to the season.