Additional 80 m2 barz' has been built in the first streetworkout park of Budapest. The very first streetworkout park has been designed and built by HBH in George Goldmann park, Budapest in 2013 to popularize street gymnastics, as people named it that time.

Our major Austrian client, Architektur 2000 asked our help in designing a community park for refugees in Traiskirchen Camp, outside of Vienna, where children were lack of playgrounds and sport activities, endangering their lives on public streets.

HBH as a lead partner of Budapest Urban Games co-organized the first BUG StreetWorkout Freestyle and Amateur Calisthenics competition amongst 18 professional and 30 amateur participants. 

We - fanatics of StreetWorkout & Calisthenics - the HBH organization attended to GALABAU 2016 Exhibition to promote our newest equipment, meet colleagues and to develop new partnerships.

The Freestyle Survivor competition, held in Paris for the third time is one of the most prestigious street workout events in the country. We were invited by actor Sody Bell Gam, so that the participants can prove on the equipment of HBH that the French are good at so much more than baking baguette.

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