How to build street workout parks

All started in 2010 winter when we started to discuss about creating a pull up bar.  After many draws, we started to produce the first prototype in 2011 summer. During the design we had no idea about the street workout movement. We just wanted to set up one bar in somewhere in the neighborhood. We made a lot of call’s to the city municipality’s, but we had no chance to set up in public park without any certificate or suggestion. We started to test in events, we organized the first pull up bar competition in the 2011 summer in Hungary.  At that competition we met with Daniel Csak (the Chairman of the Hungarian Street Workout Federation). After the event, we understood the street workout as a lifestyle and global phenomenon.  We started to design our first real street workout eqiupment’s…

We applied for a project (Youth in Action) to build 4 simple street workout equipment’s in the suburban area’s in Budapest. In this project we had a chance to expand 4 public parks with our own developed street workout equipment’s.

Our biggest challenge was to find the right place and get the permissions from the local municipality’s, without any outdoor sport equipment experience. After many negotiation with the local government’s we could finish the project before the deadline. We realized, it’s not easy to make a convention with the local government’s if you have all the money, the equipment and the certificate for the equipment.  We needed a special supporter al least from the city.

Anyway as you know if you want something, you have to work really hard, than you can reach your goals.

In 2013 we got some other financial resource’s from the Unhate Fundation, so we decided to create Hungary first real, certificated street workout park, a real big one. We started all the process in 2013 march …and we finished in in october…

We found the right place’s for the street workout park in April, so started to contact to the major’s office.

After 7 months we reciept the answer (after many phonecall’s), that we can use 100 m² in the public park, what is totally out of use. The park is located close to the center of Budapest, 2 years ago it was a night club. A couple skateboarders started to use the park, building illegal tracks without permission.  We chosen this place to connect back to the city, give function to the park and show what could signify a couple steel tube for the youth’s.

Nowadys this projects are still open, if somebody want to a realize  we are planning to do the same in other EU country. The project called Erasmus+, what could give the opportunity (the finance) to set up an international project between the street workout fanatics to create street workout parks.  The teams are also involved in the project creating, they have to present the place, where could be the SW park and manage all the negotiations with the municipality.

So If you are willing to do something for your neigbourhood or for your communitity, there are many opportunities. 

With best sport greetings from Budapest

HBH team