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Hard Body Hang

HBH was established by both of us: Szabolcs Csepregi and Tamás Erdélyi. We created HBH workshop in 2011 with the aim to help people who wish to do own body weight training outdoors and indoors with equipment designed by us. We are convinced that community building and recreational functions of city parks will prevail if they are furnished properly.

We consulted professional street workout athletes, when shaping our sports and street workout equipment in order to best meet the needs of people doing street workout, calisthenic or body weight trainings.  

With our multiple award winning products, exercises can be done using your own body weight, thus developing physical and mental endurance.

For cities

Playgrounds in cities offer an alternative up to the age of 12, so citizens older than that and want to spend their freetime in an active way are crowded out from the green areas of towns. 

The parks of HBH are modern playgrounds for adults. They meet the requirements of outdoor sports enthusiasts, and inspire those who dont feel the need yet. They are not spaces for developing body and spirit; they also help develop communities, where you can make friends and training shoes tight. 

For private customers

You may do pull-ups at home too; however, it makes a difference what you are doing it with. After assessing the individual needs, we will assemble an entirely unique equipment system for you. 

For sport clubs

Street Workout (or calisthenics) is not only for streets as you might think hearing the name. It claims its place in fitness and sports centres meeting the requirements of our age too.

The freely variable elements of our product scale allow out- and indoor training as well. 

Latest News

We - fanatics of StreetWorkout & Calisthenics - the HBH organization attended to GALABAU 2016 Exhibition to promote our newest equipment, meet colleagues and to develop new partnerships.

Except when invited by our next door neighbour. The Austrian architectural firm, Atchitektur 2000 asked our help in designing a community space in the refugee camp in Traiskirchen, outside of Vienna.

The Freestyle Survivor competition, held in Paris for the third time is one of the most prestigious street workout events in the country. We were invited by actor Sody Bell Gam, so that the participants can prove on the equipment of HBH that the French are good at so much more than baking baguette.

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Street Workout will display creativity and spectacle in training methods based on your own bodyweight exercises. It develops body- and mental strength as well as the communities of park users. The street workout equipment of HBH is more than simple sports tools; it is a symbol of occupying free spaces of the towns for communities.